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Sunny, you deserve the best birthday!! You are so incredible and loving, you have filled my life with joy. Thanks to you I was able to bond with Rob and we’ve become inseparable since. You have given me hope and my muse Roz, someone to hold, to cry with, to smile with, to love forever. Thank you Sunny, thank you for existing. You are more then just an OC, you are like family and I love you so much. I love your Mod even more, and I thank them too for being the best partner in the whole world. <3 

batter-sempai asked:

*Player enters, waving happily as the Batter follows them, glancing around* ((hello ^^; ))



Roz waves to both of them with a wide smile.

"Ah! Hey you too! What a lovely surprise!"

He hugs them both and plants a kiss on the Batter’s cheek.

The Player hugged him back joyfully, as the Batter blushed upon being kissed, blinking in surprise. He returned the hug and kiss bashfully.

The Player smiled, “I shall leave both of you be,” they said, “May I know where Tom is?”

Roz pulled himself close to the batter and nuzzled him lovingly. “Hm? Tom, ah yes, he should be near by. He follows me everywhere, but he seems a bit off right now since you guys arrived ahaha.” He pointed to a bush. “I think he’s behind there hahaha.”

sunny-little-elsen asked:

-Brings Roz some water and pats his back while he vomits- "There, there. Have you had a lot to drink again?"

"I…I haven’t had any alcohol in months…"

Crap Sunny was here, he knew he had to tell him why he was sick, but he honestly didn’t want to bring it up. The DJ gagged again and leaned over the toilet, though only letting out a heavy sigh.

"Fuuuck…Jojo better be getting rid of all the sugar….I can’t stand the sight of it anymore…"

always wanted


"Oh, no. Thank you." Shiloh rubs his wrists, taking a step or two back. "For listening. He may not want you to leave if you let on that you know, hhh… Be careful." He’d singlehandedly uprooted Roz’s entire life. The least he could do was wish him well.

"I’ll be going, now. It seems like you’ve got a lot to prepare…"

"Most definitely…" He didn’t necessarily like the idea of closing his Club down, but if that meant stopping Enoch and his fowl doings then he knew it was for the better. Losing the Club would have its consequences of course, he’d have to discuss that with the people he lived with.

"Thanks for the warning…I’m sure he’ll try to trick me in some way." He would let Shiloh leave if that is what he wanted, he wouldn’t object. Roz had a lot to think about before having his big chat with Enoch. "I….I need to tell Sunny…" Unfortunately that made his heart sink, the thought of telling his partner such horrible news…he didn’t want to, but he knew he had to.

"Goodbye Shiloh."

always wanted


Finally, a reaction of some sort. Shiloh can’t help but feel a little satisfied that he’s finally shaken Roz out of his complacent calmness, even if it did get him puked on. He glances over at Tom, hunching his shoulders defensively but not releasing Roz just yet. 

"Why would I lie? What could I possibly have to gain by spreading rumors about a guardian? Enoch would kill me without a second thought if he knew, hhh… Why would I risk that by telling you something false? Maybe… maybe he had good intentions once, but it’s become a cycle of lies, death and consumption, and it can’t continue. Not when it’s spreading outside his zone. Not when people are induced into burning just so there can be more raw material. They’ll run out eventually, and then what will happen? Hhhh, you can’t listen to anything he tells you. He’s probably using your club for it, too. I don’t know how, but he would find a way…" 

Roz truly felt like the biggest fool of them all. “Fukkin dammit….” He knew he would and could never trust the Guardian ever again. “How….How dare he….How dare he use me like that!” The DJ clenched his fists. “He…He needs to stop this— I have to talk to him!— ” He quickly covered his mouth and gagged which worried his assistant. “Roz..?” Tom reached out with a concerned gesture. “No no…Tom, I need you to get Anders and Jojo…get them to empty the kitchen…Now!” The assistant nodded and hurried off.

"I’m going to speak with him okay…I….I have to do something." His brows furrowed as he rubbed his forehead and with his free hand he removed Shiloh’s grip from his shirt. "I guess…I— Just— " He sighed. "Thank you for telling me this…I’m sure he will deny everything you just told me…I’m going to get to the bottom of this an—….and close down my Club….he will NOT be allowed to continue to use me like that…”

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